We are a planet of giving. Charitable giving statistics show that donations to charity are increasing every year to match inflation.

This increase includes support for a cause close to our heart here at EcoShoots: the environment.

Furthermore, statistics show that environmental charities focusing on animals and nature saw an increase of 7.2% from 2017 to 2018 (according to Non-Profits Source).

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However, there are many environmental and eco-conscious charities from which to choose. But some may not be as eco-friendly as you think.

After the Oxfam abuse scandal, patrons are thinking harder about where they’re donating.

“You don’t want to choose a charity by the name alone, since your donation may go to a questionable group.” – Bennett Weiner, COO of the charity watchdog BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

So, here at Eco Shoots, we’ve done the investigating for you. We’ve researched the best and worst charities to support. Learn more below.

You can’t always trust a big charity

So, you may be wondering – surely all charities are worth giving to if they’re going to a good place?

Unfortunately, not.

Even the most well-known, popular charities have come under fire for recent scandals, misfortune and mistreatment.

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Which environmental charities should you consider avoiding?


Also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA is no stranger to controversy.

From questionable advertising to supporting white supremacists, PETA’s causes doesn’t seem to reflect its actions.

For instance, PETA came under fire in 2011 for killing animals. PETA euthanised the vast majority (over 2,000) shelter animals in one year.

However, PETA has attempted to defend themselves.

They argue ‘there is a world of difference between painlessly euthanising animals… and causing them terror, pain, and a prolonged death’.

Nonetheless, investigative organisations have concluded it undeniable that PETA kills animals needlessly.

Visit PETA Kills Animals for more information.    


Another organisation familiar with scandal is Greenpeace. Greenpeace promises to ‘defend the natural world, and stand for a green and peaceful future’.

However, they’ve simultaneously been building a legacy of bad behaviour.

There’s even a Wikipedia page for Greenpeace’s criticisms and controversies.

Stories of direct action gone wrong and an authoritarian hierarchy are amongst the tamest of the charity’s misdemeanours.

False claims without evidence, encouraging malaria, denying nutrition, and facilitating a mass oil spill are among some offences.

Not so green, and not so peaceful.


The WWF, is also known as the World Wildlife Fund and has been accused of supporting the industry more than nature itself.

An investigation found a faction of the WWF committing a range of human rights abuses.

There are numerous pieces of evidence of WWF guards torturing and killing innocent people.

Warnings were provided to the organisation about mistreatment, but no action was taken.

Click here for more information from the article series. (TRIGGER WARNING: VIOLENT AND TRIGGERING CONTENT)

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The Greenpeace stand at Glastonbury Festival – via gettyimages.co.uk

So, which environmental charities should I support?

Don’t let the above information scare you.

Wherever there’s big corporations and global schemes, there’s usually a fair bit of corruption.

This is why we recommend, where possible, to support local environmental charities.

These are best found using a charity-searcher, such as Charity Choice, or researching your local community.

But the most important thing is always do your research.

Are you still looking for a reputable environmental charity to support? Read on to find out where your hard-earned coin is best (and safely) spent.  

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Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is more than an environmental charity. It is a grassroots ecological campaigning community.

Best cited on the UK gov website, Friends of the Earth is ‘committed to the conservation, protection and improvement of the environment’.

Despite being located in 77 countries, they are committed to both the community and global effect.

Therefore it’s no surprise that charity watchdog Charity Navigator has awarded the organisation a 4/4 star rating.


Rainforest Alliance

Another global guardian is found in Rainforest Alliance.

This international non-governmental organisation strives to build ‘a powerful alliance to create a better future for people and nature’.

The organisation was founded by environmentalist Daniel Katz, who was instrumental in initiating the rainforest conservation movement.

Focusing on four sectors: forests, livelihoods, climate and human rights, the Rainforest Alliance cares about equality in the ecosystem.

Further more, sustainability and fighting deforestation are amongst the charity’s vision.

They even set up the Rainforest Alliance Certification to identify environmental, social and economic sustainably-produced products.

Oh, and they love frogs almost as much as us.

green frog on wood
Green frog on wood – via Unsplash.com

World Resources Institute

The final charity we’re spotlighting for their environmental efforts is the World Resources Institute (WRI).

WRI is a global research organisation focusing on the development of climate, energy, food, forests, water, cities and the ocean.

The organisation has contributed tirelessly to bettering the environment and ecosystem.

This work has led the charity to a ranking of 4/4 stars by charity watchdog Charity Navigator for 12 years.

The charity has conducted and produced essential research and information and is now regarded as a critical player amongst global environmental charities.

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NASA world view – via Unsplash.com

Environmental charities conclusion

Overall, it’s clear that charities need our help to save the environment.

So how can you trust your money is going to all the right places?

Research, research, research!

Google is your friend, and so are charity watchdogs like Charity Navigator.

In order to make a difference, you need to know how your money is spent.

We only get one world. Help us to save it.

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