Are you interested in living in a greener, more sustainable way and learning more about eco-friendly products?

Do you want to make a difference to the pressing climate crisis?

Us too!

It may seem like we have a mountain to climb but small changes can add up to make a big difference.

Our Mission

We are believers that these seeds of change can be planted by all of us, in our everyday lives. We are dedicated to creating and raising awareness of biodegradable and reusable products for the masses. Let’s make a start by reducing waste to landfill and preventing further plastic pollution in our oceans by living in a more eco-friendly way.

We will also be bringing some valuable content and ideas to the world via our blog. This will include documenting our own journey to going more green in our household.

We currently have a dozen or so ideas for further eco-friendly products to bring to market. It will take time to be able to launch them all due to the capital requirements. In the meantime, we have found lots of useful products that we will be recommended via an Amazon affiliate link. This comes at no extra cost to the purchaser and will help us to more quickly reach our goals.

Once we have launched more products and are profitable, we will be in a position to also donate to environmental charities to contribute to the larger issues that the world faces.

Progress so far

So far we have created and improved 2 products that we are very proud of. From our sales so far, we have saved countless thousands of single-use cotton pads and cotton buds from reaching landfill.

Ecoshoots founders 


EcoShoots Founders

Our Story

Ecoshoots is a family run business founded by Marc and Rebeca. We decided to try and help to make a difference after the arrival of our daughter Riley. We were concerned about what the world will look like for her in 20 years’ time.

As a society, we have borrowed from our future for far too long. We would like to try and reverse the trend and this is our way of contributing however small or large it becomes.

Get involved!

Please follow along on our journey by bookmarking our blog page or signing up to our newsletter below. Also, check out our store for a look at our own brand products as well as our recommendations for other products available now which you can check out on Amazon.