Why You Should Follow These Sustainable Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

The home of bloggers, influencers, and micro-celebrities, (with over 1 billion monthly users) Instagram sits as one of the most popular and most influential social media sites amongst the younger generation today [1].

There is no question that this has provided a platform for fashion brands to grow through a new kind of marketing – with over 6.5 billion dollars being invested in the influencer market in 2019 [2]. This has fed the appetite for fast fashion consumption. See our post What is Fast Fashion And Why Should You Care? for a more in-depth discussion on this.

With a desire to share daily outfit ideas, appear up to date with the newest fashion trends, and present an exciting life to your followers. The result? Unsustainable living, shopping hauls, and throw-away culture. But what if this could change?

When using social media, the accounts you follow influence you. So, if you spend your days scrolling past pages that bombard your feed with outfits and shopping hauls from fast fashion brands, there is no doubt you will feel like you have to be a part of this.

But, in this post, I want to show you a fashion-forward way of blogging. Throwing out the old #OutfitOfTheDay for the new #OldOutfitOfTheDay and taking that enjoyment of sharing and seeing others fashion experiments online positively and sustainably. And presenting the gems that can be found and created from thrift shopping, borrowing, and working with what you’ve already got.

So, here’s five thrifty, sustainable fashion bloggers that I love right now:

1. @ms.melior –  DeLaney | Slow Fashion

sustainable fashion bloggers @ms.melior

“Melior is a Latin word meaning to make better,” and that is precisely what Delaney Jane, founder of sustainable handbag brand Melior handbags, is doing.

Using Instagram as a platform to “show you how and encourage you to reduce your environmental impact by building a more conscious closet.”

Her account beholds a beautiful colour coordinated aesthetic full of timeless and chic outfits photographed in an array of locations. Reflecting both her love for sustainable fashion and travel, generating a feed you can’t help but scroll through.

Travelling for as long she can remember, DeLaney expresses that “after seeing so much of the world, it’s hard not to fall in love with it and want to preserve it.” 

A feeling that was only enlarged after watching the True Cost documentary two years ago. With this, her posts today not only act as fabulous outfit inspo’ but also contain a series of tips for change, resources, and facts on the fashion industry’s impact.

And, with the genuine belief that the fashion industries impact can be reduced by us all coming together, her DM’s are always open for anyone looking to join her in the change to sustainable fashion!

Top tip: “Colour-block! Second-hand shops are usually organised by colour. So, I’ll grab a purple blouse and a pink sweater vest and wear them together with some biker shorts and blue heels.

Depop is also a great platform for searching for solid-coloured items. Colour-blocking is an easy way to look high-fashion and put together.

I also put outfits together by gathering inspo’ images from Pinterest or Instagram and recreate them with similar items in second-hand stores, Depop, or Facebook Marketplace. You can look like fashion “IT” girls but without the environmental impact. You can be conscious AND trendy.”

2. @get.thrift.faced – Kate-Louise (LOU)

sustainable fashion bloggers @get.thrift.faced

Kate-Louise is a 26-year-old self-confessed thrift addict! And, along with her love for Halloween, plus her two fluffy Pomeranians Boo and Raffle, her Instagram shows just that.

Each post is accompanied by a feel-good caption, filled with tips, tricks, and details on how and where her latest sustainable outfits are picked up.

A real feel-good account to show anyone new to sustainable fashion the fun you can have and the great things you can find in your local charity shop.

Kate began shopping entirely sustainably in August 2019, as an extension of her pre-existing love for the affordable and unique finds that could be uncovered in charity shops.

But, it wasn’t until she began following like-minded “thrifty accounts on Instagram” she discovered the full impact fast fashion was having on the environment and her mental health. 

Today she is boycotting fast-fashion brands. Noting that “as consumers, we have the power and ability to change product consumption, after all, the more we buy, the more fast-fashion brands will make.”

All while saying, “goodbye to the pressures of conforming to trends and trying to look like the unrealistic, photoshopped images of models” because when thrifting, her attitude is “if it fits, it fits!”

Top tip: “My top tip would be to experiment and wear whatever makes you feel good, happy, and confident. Forget trends, and do you! Just get creative.

I know this sounds ambiguous and maybe a bit difficult, particularly as you might be someone who doesn’t consider themselves creative. But it’s simply a case of experimenting.

Style is subjective; it means something different to everyone. Style is a reflection of your personality, your creativity, and your mood.

I love Thrift shopping because you will be able to create outfits that nobody else is wearing. Therefore, you’ll have no reason to compare yourself to anyone.”

3. @thriftyfinnie – Earring Queen

Sustainable fashion bloggers @thriftyfinnie

Jade is a fine art graduate with a crazy obsession for earrings and all the love for a good cup of tea!

After noticing how consumed she was by fast fashion (something I am sure many people today can relate to), she took control of her shopping habits back for the better. And is now celebrating a year fully sustainable!

Her account stands out amongst sustainable fashion bloggers, with a feed showcasing artsy outfits of bold colours and prints and a commitment to sustainability through new and exciting ideas.

Her latest pledge is to shop a “small business Christmas” (head over to her Instagram to tag and promote your local creatives!).

Today, noticing “more people than ever” talking about sustainable fashion, Jade sees a big future and has opened up the conversation further through the creation of her YouTube channel, Thrifty Fin. She is also sharing her journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Top tip: “Do not be scared of charity shops! Just think of it like this: you would borrow and wear your friend’s clothes, so why not wear a friend’s you haven’t met! My favourite way to make it sustainable is just by making use out of the clothes I have in my wardrobe already!”

4. @asseenon_emma – AS SEEN ON EMMA

Sustainable fashion bloggers @asseenon_emma

Holding a degree in interior architecture, Emma has always had a creative side and has never been shy of second-hand stores.

She uses this to put together her casual and on-trend outfits and is aware of the great finds that could be uncovered on second-hand platforms.

Her consistently minimalist and neutral style posts give a clean and satisfying feed that showcases her commitment to slow-fashion while continuing to look fashionable.

Her sustainable purchases became a standard way of creating outfits at Uni and no longer justified the prices of new high street clothes. And, after noticing the looks that were gaining the most compliments were those that were sustainable, she decided to do some more research into the impact of the fashion industry.

The information she uncovered shocked her into a new conscious way of consuming, becoming aware of the damage fast fashion has on the world and how they are “using greenwashing to manipulate customers”.

After following other sustainable fashion bloggers, she continued her love of style in a sustainable way. And, as a result, @asseenon_emma was born as a way to present her slow fashion outfits as a “conscious blogger”, hoping to inspire others in the same way.

Top tip: “Choose staple and timeless pieces that won’t outgrow fast-changing trends! Create a wish list of all the things you’d like for your wardrobe to help keep you inspired, and also make sure you need them.

I love using Pinterest to create mood boards. Then when I am shopping second-hand, I know what I’m looking for, and that helps me from over-consuming.

Regularly organise and go through your wardrobe to see what you have, you’ll be surprised at how many pieces you’ve forgotten about that you can re-wear and restyle.”

5. @_thethriftysisters –  HANNAH AND PENNY she/her

@_thethriftysisters showing a sustainable outfit

After meeting through musical theatre training, Hannah and Penny have developed a blossoming friendship through their shared love of sustainability!

Their page gives you double the insight as they both use the account to share their sustainable fashion tips.

There is a bit of everything, from shopping sustainable baby clothes to showing you how to work with what you’ve got, using statement basics in new and exciting ways.

Since starting their page in February, they have noticed how sustainable fashion has become “more popular every day” with “Thrifting’ almost becoming cool” with the rise in second-hand platforms.

Since then, they have only become more aware of the impact our lifestyles have on the environment and are continuing to shift their daily habits to become more conscious of their impact.

They are immersing themselves into the sustainable online community, by sharing and interacting with an array of posts from other sustainable Instagrammers.

They know that “The smallest changes can make such a difference!” because “every little helps!”.

Top tip: “I love browsing charity shops without a specific item of clothing in mind!! That’s when you find the gems!!

The best thing about shopping second-hand is that there are no ‘fashion trends.’ You can get everything and anything, not just what’s ‘in fashion’ at the moment.”

Go follow!

We hope you have enjoyed this round-up of some of the best sustainable fashion bloggers out there. If you are interested in learning more from them then be sure to go follow them, links are below.

@ms.melior –  DeLaney | Slow Fashion

@get.thrift.faced – Kate-Louise (LOU)

@thriftyfinnie – Earring Queen

@asseenon_emma – AS SEEN ON EMMA

@_thethriftysisters –  HANNAH AND PENNY she/her

You can also check out our post Sustainable Fashion: 5 Easy Steps Towards An Eco Friendly Wardrobe for some more tips.

By Rosie Clack-Walsh

[1] https://spark.adobe.com/make/learn/top-social-media-sites/

[2] https://hmi.marketing/the-truth-about-influence-on-instagram/

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